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  • Quality results and white glove service
  • Transparent search approach and methodology
  • Clear identification of most relevant art
  • Native language and manual library searching
Patent Validity or Invalidity Search

1. We keep drilling until we hit a dead end.

As our name reflects we use an ensemble approach to validity studies for a patent validity search - with powerful search tools and proven techniques for uncovering prior art. We search digital and physical libraries, perform full-text searching in six languages, and utilize the best commercial patent search software. We continually test all the known AI-assisted patent search systems to supplement what our human analysts find and review.

We don’t stop at the computer. We go beyond traditional search methods and machine translations. Our “leave no stone unturned” approach extends the search beyond traditional resources:

  • Manual searching at libraries for obscure journals, product catalogs, dissertations and theses.
  • In-country, native language searching of traditional and non-traditional patent and non-patent literature sources.
  • Primary research and the legwork to validate publication dates, release dates, and uncovering publicly available, but near impossible to find, documents.
Customize Patent Validity Search

2. We understand your reasons for needing a validity search and customize the approach to your needs.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to patent searching. Your needs and reasons for requesting a patent validity search are unique, as is the technology of interest. Our consultative scoping process ensures that your specific requirements and the intricacies of the technology are understood and addressed in the search process and in the final report.

Whether you are asserting or defending an infringement claim, preparing an Inter Partes Review (IPR) submission, or evaluating the strength of a portfolio, our approach ensures you get the proper strategy for your needs.

Largest Private Patent Search Company

3. We are trusted by patent attorneys and litigators.

Our customers know we have the background and expertise needed to support their critical needs for a patent validity search. Our leaders have over 100 years of combined expertise in creating the modern patent search firm. As the leaders of the world’s largest private patent search company from 1998 to 2014 and one of the best patent search firms in the world, we pioneered the use of multiple search tools, full-text native language searching, and manual searching at libraries.

Over their careers, our leadership team has supported…

  • A large majority of the busiest litigation firms identified in IP Law and Business
  • Nearly two-thirds of the top patent law firms as identified by Intellectual Property Magazine
  • One third of the organizations that were granted U.S. Patents
  • The USPTO in conducting PCT searches on their behalf

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