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Need Comprehensive Patent Invalidity Search Results? Trust Ensemble IP

Our team is committed to providing peace of mind and quality patent validity or invalidity search results. Work with us and receive:
  • Quality results and white glove service
  • Transparent search approaches and methodologies
  • Clear identification of the most relevant art
  • Native language and manual library searching options
Patent Validity or Invalidity Search

Your Patent Invalidity Search Is Unique. We Customize Our Approach To Meet Your Needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to patent invalidity searches. We know that the needs, reasons, and technology behind every patent validity or invalidity search are unique. That’s why our consultative scoping process ensures that your specific requirements and the intricacies of the technology are understood and addressed in our iterative search process and in the final report.

Whether you are asserting or defending an infringement claim, preparing an Inter Partes Review (IPR) submission, or evaluating the strength of a portfolio, our approach ensures you get the proper strategy for your needs.

Customize Patent Validity Search

Prior Art Databases Are Not Comprehensive. We Leave No Stone Left Unturned.

It’s all in the name. We take an Ensemble Approach to every patent invalidity search — utilizing powerful search tools and proven techniques for uncovering prior art. We search digital and physical libraries alike and continually test all known AI-assisted patent search systems to supplement the findings of our human analysts.

Our patent invalidity searches don’t stop at the computer. We know how and where to find obscure documents, product catalogs, textbooks, and even taped product demonstrations.

Ask us for a free, no-obligation quote for results that go beyond traditional resources, including:

  • Manual searching at libraries for obscure journals, product catalogs, dissertations, theses, textbooks and other common knowledge sources
  • In-country, native language searching of traditional and non-traditional patent and non-patent literature sources
  • Primary research and the legwork to validate publication dates, release dates, and uncovering publicly available, but near impossible to find, documents
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Tired Of Complicated Patent Invalidity Search Results? We Deliver Transparency.

Ensemble IP is trusted by the top patent attorneys and litigators across the globe for a reason. Our results speak for themselves. When identifying potential grounds for invalidity, a transparent understanding of how the search was conducted (and why certain references were deemed relevant) is vital to your peace of mind.

Our clear and easy-to-digest reports detail both our search strategy and the analyst’s reasoning for selecting each reference. We guarantee your satisfaction with our consultative and collaborative approach:

  • Consultation with the Patent Validity Search Team to understand your goals for the search and discuss the key technical features and interpretations
  • No obligation quote with a detailed search strategy and approach
  • Interim results throughout the project for complex multi-patent validity studies including discussion on the findings and the interpretation of results
  • Detailed debriefing with the team to discuss the findings and analyst insights

For an approach that is always consultative, comprehensive, and high touch, please contact us

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