Technology Studies

Building a sound IP strategy starts with a complete knowledge of the technology landscape, your own portfolio, and the portfolios of your competitors.

Effective IP management moves beyond the legal determinations of patentability and validity; it encompasses the way you manage innovation and the extraction of value from your portfolio. However, these decisions are only as strong as the data on which they are based; an incomplete or incorrect view puts your strategy at risk.

The foundation starts with the right data. Ensemble IP leverages our world-leading expertise in patent searching to build the right foundation of relevant data on which to base your analysis. Our technical experts know and understand your technology sector, providing you the right information to view the patent technical field, identify potential infringement, value a portfolio, or perform due diligence.

Our unique, white glove approach ensures that we understand your particular needs and the decisions you need to make. We customize an approach that works for you, from the project scope and strategy to the way the results are visualized and reported.

Innovation, Research and Development

It is often said that a patent landscape study gives you a forest-level view of a specific technology. However, you need to have confidence that all the trees are included. Ensemble IP’s unrivaled expertise in the patent search and analysis service results in the most complete and comprehensive dataset, so that you have confidence you are seeing the full picture. Clear visualizations and precise analysis present you with the data you need to make confident and informed decisions.

Portfolio Management, Monetization, and Licensing

Detailed knowledge of your portfolio, or that of your competitor or acquisition target, is vital information for strategic decisions. Uncover hidden gems, shed patents past their prime, and know your opportunities for monetizing your portfolio. Ensemble IP blends our expertise in worldwide patent search with our knowledge of patent rules and regulations to provide you with detailed and actionable information to support your decision-making and your strategy.​

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