Technical expertise coupled with world-class state of the art patent search skills provide the most complete view of the art.

1. We are state of the art.

Our state of the art approach to patent searching ensures that you will receive an accurate view of the technology, allowing you to devise an informed strategy.
Our ensemble approach is so important, we made it our name. We know that compiling the proper collection of relevant art is vital to providing an overview of the technology and giving you confidence in your assessment. Combining traditional search methods with the most effective AI tools allows our skilled analysts to uncover art that provides a complete picture.

2. We take the time upfront, to ensure comprehensive final results.

Seemingly simple questions about the purpose of the search, the importance of non-patent literature and how to address filed, but not published, applications all impact the final result set. We know the questions to ask at the outset, so that you have the results you need.

3. We know that AI systems will not produce reliable patent search results on their own.

We tested them all. However, in the hands of an experienced patent search analyst an AI search tool may help find more references, assist in predicting their relevance, and allow our skilled patent analysts to produce better results. How do we know this?
We are obsessed with patent searching. Ensemble IP blends human expertise with proven technological tools (both Boolean and AI) to improve search results beyond what humans or machines can achieve by themselves. We study and use the latest algorithms and software and put them in the hands of the most capable patent searchers. This approach keeps us ahead of competitors in delivering the most reliable results.

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