The value of a search is far more than just the price.

1. A novel approach to meet your goals and your budget.

In a perfect world, every patent application would have a full patentability search performed before filing to save prosecution costs and avoid surprises. Ensemble IP understands this isn’t a perfect world, and you walk a balance between budget constraints and gaining the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with an application.
Our approach to patentability search focuses on understanding your goals and budget. Whether you need to provide a patentability opinion and draft an application or make a quick go/no-go decision on filing an application, Ensemble IP knows how to efficiently and effectively search and present results to provide the information you need.

2. We can build you a patentability search program.

Our leadership has designed and built patentability search processes and programs for leading law firms and corporations. If you have a consistent and ongoing need for patentability search, let us help standardize your process. Implementing a professional patentability search as part of your innovation management program will help you…

3. We are the industry experts.

Ensemble IP was founded by the same team that created the modern patent search firm. Ensemble IP has a large team of U.S.-, Europe-, and Japan-based technology experts, many of whom are patent agents and former examiners who have served patent counsel at law firms and legal departments worldwide. Our patent analysts have extensive experience, trained on the most important legal cases, and tested by the world’s most demanding patent attorneys.

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