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Whether you are drafting claims, defending an allegation of infringement, determining clearance, or deciding to file an application, you deserve search results you can trust.


Our approach blends our time-tested search approach, our expert analysts, and the best search tools and databases, including the best AI resources, to give you confidence and peace of mind.


Trust Ensemble IP to help you determine the patentability of your innovation. Our comprehensive search focuses on both novelty and obviousness, allowing you to easily make a filing decision. Whether you need one patentability search or have an ongoing need, we will work with you to customize a search approach meeting your objectives and your budget.


Are you at risk of patent infringement? Protect yourself and gain peace of mind by engaging Ensemble IP to perform a Freedom To Operate search. Our comprehensive search is customized to the jurisdictions of interest, allowing you to minimize your risk and avoid costly litigation.


Are you sure that patent is valid? Whether you are assessing the strength of your own portfolio or are responding to a claim of infringement, a validity/invalidity search you can trust is a necessity. From a quick strength test to a “no stone unturned” effort, we will develop a robust search approach leveraging the right technologists, the right data sources, the right languages, and the right search methodology.


Avoid surprises and gain an understanding about patenting activities in new areas as your company or client devises an IP strategy. A comprehensive State of the Art search provides peace of mind as you innovate. Expand the search to include non-patent technical literature to provide a view of recent breakthroughs in the art.

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