Portfolio Management, Monetization, and Licensing

Build a strategy or uncover hidden opportunities by making sound and informed decisions with a clear view of a patent portfolio.

Portfolio Mining and Optimization

Get to know your patent portfolio or someone else’s. Whether through acquisition, growth, or due diligence preparation, a large portfolio can represent untapped potential or hidden costs. This study helps you organize and categorize a portfolio, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Evidence of Use

Identify potential infringement by mapping the claims of your high-value assets to products on the market. As part of your monetization strategy, an evidence of use program keeps you informed of the competitive landscape and ensures you are proactively enforcing your patents.


Whether in-licensing or out-licensing, a study to identify potential licensors or licensees assists you in managing the costs of your licensing program. A validity overview of the patents under consideration gives you leverage at the negotiating table and ensures you are fully informed.

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