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IP Leaders For Over 20 Years

Ensemble IP blends human expertise with proven AI tools to deliver the most reliable patent search services to patent attorneys, litigators, and R&D managers. This “ensemble approach” to prior art searching has led to marked improvements over traditional approaches to patent searching beyond what any other competitor can offer.


Our Expert Leadership

over 100 years of combined expertise in creating the modern patent search firm

As the leaders of the world’s largest private patent search company from 1998 to 2014, the Ensemble team fostered the use of multiple search tools, full-text native language searching, and hand searching at libraries. Over their careers, the Ensemble team have supported:

Delivering expertise on every search

Our patent analysts have an average of 15+ years experience

Our leaders created and delivered training at Patent Resources Group (PRG) where they taught thousands of attorneys, agents, and analysts how to search in databases, physical libraries, and across native languages.

At Ensemble IP, we have built a reputation as industry experts. We support this reputation by providing all employees with an internal certification program that ensures we deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date patent search results.

Patent Search Experts

Our Leadership

David Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Buehler

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Skovholt

Head of Patent Search Operations

Eduard Zorita

Chief Data Scientist

Constantly Raising The Bar

Expertise In All Technologies

Our team of highly trained patent search professionals provides expertise in all technologies. Our experts understand the technology and the idiosyncrasies of patent searching within their technical domain to provide the highest quality results.

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Our Collaborative Approach Achieves Better Search Results