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We are not boasting by saying that our competitors learned professional patent searching from us. Our leaders created and delivered training at Patent Resources Group (PRG) where they taught thousands of attorneys, agents, and analysts how to search in databases, physical libraries, and across native languages. We have educated nearly 1,000 people on patent searching best practices. In fact, our founder co-authored the only treatise on professional patent search, Patent Searching: Tools and Techniques, which has been a five-star reviewed book on Amazon for years.
Our current white paper predicts The Coming Revolution in Professional Patent Searching based on the application of powerful AI tools used by the most skilled human patent analysts to cite more relevant prior art and to better filter out non-relevant art.

Our Value

Major languages spoken
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Ensemble IP’s leaders have supported companies and law firms in 38 states and 44 countries. We have completed over 100,000 searches since 2000 in up to six languages and nearly all technology areas. Our experience has taught us the importance of these key tenets.

Setting the Gold Standard for Patent Searching

Ensemble IP strives to raise the bar continually in our quest to become the most trusted name in prior art searching. This means we:

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