Key Sectors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patent Search

With over 340,000 patent families and 1.6 million scientific papers worldwide, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a direct impact on your patent process and is at the heart of what we do here at Ensemble IP. AI drives innovations in 35 major industries, including transportation, medicine, energy, agriculture, technology, aerospace, and telecommunication. Discover how we use the latest AI techniques and applications to help you gain a competitive edge.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

A new advance in chemistry and chemical engineering can happen any moment. It’s important to have a team of skilled researchers who have hands-on field experience and who know what to look for in chemical structures, compounds, and reactions that impact your patent. Check out some of the most active areas we conduct searches in today.

Clean Energy

12% of all of the world’s patent activity in the last three years has involved clean energy. We do extensive research in the fields of thermal, nuclear, and renewable energy to keep you updated on the latest search results. In addition to the search data, find out what other references we use to find the precise information you need for your power generation, petroleum, materials chemistry, or environmental tech project.

Cloud Computing

We study innovators who deliver Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) products and their leading cloud providers: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud, just to name a few. Edge computing, virtual machines, data management tools, and middleware are disrupting traditional business models and changing how we look at these patent portfolios.

Computer Software

Ensemble IP’s software researchers specialize in cutting-edge financial, insurance, manufacturing and distribution process computing. Our team uses their experience and the latest tools to uncover valuable data from automated financial transactions, electronic commerce across multiple networks, and sophisticated point-of-system (POS) systems.

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    Consumer Electronics

    Our electronics and electrical analysts study the latest technologies and their applications across multiple products and services. The sources used are tailored specifically to the needs of each project. Common subjects researched are the Internet of Things (IoT) and Infrastructure, Health and Wellness (wearables and apps), Extended Reality (XR), and AI-enabled devices.


    Our deep knowledge of artificial intelligence, computer hardware, software, data storage, and security allow us to offer the most complete patent and technology searches in this fast-growing interdisciplinary field. Being aware of and staying ahead of the rapid changes in technologies, applications, processes, and products are key components to patent success.

    Hardware and Physical Devices

    Quantum computing, telecommunications, information storage and retrieval, electrical testing, measurement, and calibration equipment and methods - are just a few of the categories in which our advanced degreed engineers and scientists do extensive research. ACM Digital Library, Compendex, IEEE Xlpore, Inspec, and ProQuest Technology Research can aid you in your project’s go to market strategies.

    Medicine and Biotechnology

    There have been nearly 1.4 million unique patent applications filed worldwide. Leading the field are the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries with a combined total of 467,000. Our patent information scientists closely monitor the developments happening right now in medicine, genetic engineering, and pharmacology, to gauge where the greatest impacts are being made for humanity.

    Medical Devices

    Inventions that treat oncological, ophthalmological, neurological, and cardio-vasuclar diseases are the most active areas for patents. The amount of patent filings for measurement devices grew to 486,000 in the last three years alone.

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