Global Coverage

Worldwide Online Databases and On-Site Searching

Our searchers not only have access to hundreds of patent and non-patent databases worldwide, but they understand the strengths, weaknesses, and nuances of searching them. Simply put, our deep-rooted expertise in navigating these databases means that our searchers know where and how to search for maximum impact and effective search results – that’s the Ensemble IP difference.

For searching on-the-ground in specific countries around the world

  • Searching of patent office resources
  • Online databases of worldwide patent and non-patent literature
  • Keyword searching
  • Classification-based searching
  • Forward and backward citation searching
  • Searching using special coding/indexing when applicable (e.g., biosequences, Markush and chemical structures, polymers)
  • Manual searching and ‘page-turning’ document review

International Presence

Ensemble IP is headquartered in Washington, DC., advising clients across 3 continents:
North America
United States and Canada
Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan
United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Nordic countries

Resources, Coverage, and Foreign Language Options

The company’s origins began with manual searching at the USPTO Search Room. As the industry developed, Ensemble IP’s leaders adopted modern search approaches, including the use of multiple databases and full-text native language searching, and were selected to conduct PCT patent searches in 3 successive contracts at the USPTO in 2005, 2006, and 2011. During that time, they built the largest private patent search firm in the world with hundreds of employees in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and India. After witnessing failed experiments in semantic search and crowdsourcing, we opened Ensemble IP to, once again, raise the bar on professional patent searching. We achieve this by blending the results of highly skilled patent analysts with the most powerful AI tools available in the marketplace.