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Freedom to Operate Search

1. We raised the bar, so you can clear it.

We know the opportunities and the risks in commercialization of a product. We support you by providing the highest quality search results so that you have the most complete information to make a decision. Your investment in a high quality search can reduce risk, save money, and inform your product strategy.

Our analysts are highly skilled in the intricacies of Freedom To Operate Search. From selecting the proper jurisdictions, to effectively using non-patent literature, to locating safe harbor references, we know how to craft a strategy and use the right tools to ensure the most relevant art is uncovered.

Freedom To Operate Searching

2. We dig in, so you don’t get stuck.

We sweat the details, because details matter. We know the right database and the right search techniques from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Whether it is German Utility Models or techniques to predict unpublished applications, we know where and how to search.

We go further - the claims matter and machine translations don’t provide the specifics you need. In-country, native language searching provides confidence that you have the right information to determine clearance in any jurisdiction.

Professional Patent Searching from US

3. We are not boasting by saying that our competitors learned professional patent search and analysis from us.

Our leaders created and delivered training at Patent Resources Group (PRG) where we taught generations of attorneys, agents, and analysts how to search in databases, physical libraries, and across native languages. We have educated nearly 1,000 people on patent searching best practices. In fact, our founder co-authored the only treatise on professional patent searching, Patent Searching: Tools and Techniques, which has been a five-star reviewed book on Amazon for years.
Patent Searching Book on Amazon
The leadership team of Ensemble IP have also produced several books on IP including this best seller on Amazon

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