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This white paper was written by the leadership team of Ensemble IP, which has also produced several books on IP, including this best seller on Amazon

A holistic search requires a new paradigm.

Patent practitioners have the critical role of delivering informed legal advice to innovative companies who are spending immense capital on intellectual property. No searcher can assure complete prior art searches in any language. The industry’s singular reliance on the same tools and methods is a major disservice to patent attorneys and to their clients. Ensemble IP is introducing a new paradigm that combines the best of human searchers and advanced AI tools to deliver unparalleled results.
  • Professional patent searching has only marginally improved over time.
  • Companies have introduced periodic innovations to address these shortcomings with limited success.
  • Early semantic search engines, crowdsourcing, and offshoring have failed to improve quality.
  • A few machine learning tools have demonstrated real progress, but not as substitutes for humans.
  • Lasting innovations will blend the work of human patent search professionals with the best artificial intelligence tools.

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