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Ensemble IP blends human expertise with proven AI tools to deliver the most reliable patent search services to patent attorneys, litigators, and R&D managers. This “ensemble approach” to prior art searching has led to marked improvements over traditional approaches to patent searching beyond what any other competitor can offer.

The company delivers more complete results by using multiple software tools, full-text native language searching, and hand searching at libraries. Following the human-driven search, Ensemble IP’s patent analysts validate their results using powerful AI patent search algorithms, which will sometimes uncover additional relevant art.

Ensemble IP’s leaders have served the patent searching needs of many of the busiest litigators, the top patent law firms, corporations, and the USPTO, as the first team to conduct PCT searches on their behalf. Before you consider remaining with your current patent search service vendor, please read this important paper on why the Ensemble IP approach surpasses traditional search methods, which are always incomplete and ultimately, costly:

A Brief History

Ensemble IP delivers patent search services for legal matters and technology studies for business matters. It has not been easy to lead the industry, but we would like to prove to you that we deliver the highest quality patent search services and technology studies on the planet

Beginning in 2005, the company’s leaders designed and delivered professional search training at Patent Resources Group (PRG) where they educated nearly 1,000 people on patent searching best practices. Over the years, the patent search field has witnessed periodic innovations and alternative business models, but none that resulted in a dramatic improvement in patent search results until now.


Barbara Landon and Rita Stark organize Landon & Stark Associates. They begin their partnership as a patent and trademark file history provider for GE RCA of Princeton, New Jersey. Both women are former patent secretaries at Stevens Davis Miller andMosher in Washington, DC, and known for assembling high quality patent and trademark files.


David Hunt joins Landon & Stark Associates and transforms the company from a document retrieval firm into a professional patent search service firm. He creates the leading patent search firm in the United States by employing former patent examiners, scientific advisors, and practicing engineers in all major technology areas.


Brad Buehler joins the company and implements business practices that deliver the industry’s fastest patent search turnaround and, arguably, it’s best quality. The company becomes well-known for its operational process and its deep bench of highly trained patent analysts.


Led by Hunt and Buehler, Landon IP is awarded a long-term contract to conduct PCT patent searches for the USPTO in the fields of mechanical engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, and electrical communications. The company is the only firm to survive both the USPTO search pilot and be awarded full PCT search contracts in 2006 and 2011. At the same time, Hunt purchases Patent Resources Group (PRG) from the legendary Irving Kayton and expands the curriculum to include professional patent search services.


Landon IP hires its first sales person. Within two years,  patent search revenues double, and a global sales team generates new sales in the U.S., Canada, England, and Japan.  The company establishes itself as a customer-centric and operationally flexible organization.


John Wiley & Sons publishes the book, Patent Searching Tools and Techniques, the most popular treatise on patent searching, which is written by David Hunt and other patent search experts.


Landon IP appoints its first CIO to lead IT infrastructure and software development. They drive the development of Intellogist, a popular free tool to compare the leading patent search software systems, which becomes the foundation of WIPO INSPIRE, and oversees the building of a global infrastructure to support customers and employees in the United States, Great Britain, Japan, China, and India.


Jonathan Skovholt joins the company to professionalize learning and development activities, establish an internal resource desk to handle the most difficult patent information resource requests, and contribute significantly to the development of Intellogist. He becomes widely respected among patent information scientists worldwide. Jonathan teaches Art & Science of Patent Searching for over 10 years.


Under the direction of Hunt, Buehler, Skovholt and others, Landon IP opens operating offices in London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and New Delhi (Gurgaon). They implement widely followed business methods that create the modern patent search firm.


After extensive study in the business applications of artificial intelligence, Hunt, Buehler, and Skovholt create Ensemble IP. They launch a mission to employ the most innovative approaches to the art and science of patent searching. They write an important paper, The Coming Revolution in Professional Patent Searching, that promises real innovation in the quest for the complete patent search. Ensemble IP begins execution on the best approaches to delivering real innovation in the patent search field.

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