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Pre-Filing/Batch Process
Custom-designed, cost-effective patentability search to provide corporations with multiple searches as they assess patentability and decide whether to file specific patent applications.
Patentability search to assist attorneys as they provide clients with opinions as to patentability.
Search to assist litigators as they provide clients with opinions as to the validity of a patent.
Inter Partes Review (IPR)
Search to assist litigators with proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).
Freedom To Operate/Clearance/Infringement
Search to assist attorneys as they provide clients with advice on infringement avoidance or product clearance.
Search to have a complete understanding of innovations in a targeted technology field.
Competitive Benchmarking Study
Study to find the most active patenting companies worldwide that are competing in the same markets and technologies.
Evidence of Use
Study to map the limitations of each element of the claims to existing products in the marketplace.
Portfolio Mining Study
Study that categorizes all of a client’s patents for quick searching, comparison and dissemination within their company.
Patent Landscape Study
Study to identify the risks, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of a client’s or their competitor’s patent portfolio.

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It takes dedication to be the industry leader, and we would like to prove to you that we deliver the highest quality patent search services and technology studies on the planet.
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About Us

For nearly 25 years, our team, as a highly reliable patent search specialist firm, has consistently raised the bar when it comes to patent search and analysis services. Our quest for excellence began in 2004 when we combined manual searching and the use of online tools. Then we provided more complete results, quicker than our competitors, by searching patent and non-patent literature (NPL) from multiple sources. After that, the team introduced full-text native language searching across all technology areas. Realizing these efforts still weren’t enough, we applied business management, personnel development, and the strategic use of database tools to deliver even more consistent results and improved customer service.

With Ensemble IP, we have pioneered the patent search and analysis firm by combining humans and AI, which will deliver lasting innovations in patent search.

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Ensemble IP Delivers More

We, as the best patent search firm in the world, provide more complete results by putting the best AI tools in the hands of skilled technical experts, performing full-text native language searching, and manual searching at libraries.

A holistic search requires a new paradigm.

Patent practitioners have the critical role of delivering informed legal advice to innovative companies who are spending immense capital on intellectual property. No searcher can assure complete prior art searches in any language. The industry’s singular reliance on the same tools and methods is a major disservice to patent attorneys and to their clients. Ensemble IP is introducing a new paradigm that combines the best of human searchers and advanced AI tools to deliver unparalleled results.


Ensemble IP subscribes to every important patent and scientific literature database. When conducting a patent search, we do not charge you for access to these systems unless they are unavailable to us by subscription.
Patent Publications
Ensemble IP’s patent analysts have digital access to patents and publications across 95 patenting authorities that include a mixture of full-text, machine-translated full-text, and bibliographic patent document collections.
Scientific and Technical Publications
We access the vast universe of non-patent literature sources, including resources from CAS, Elsevier, Dialog, Clarivate, ProQuest, IEEE, ACM,, and many others.

We’re as good as they say we are

``I have worked with many of the members of Ensemble IP for years. Ensemble IP is an easy choice for me. They carefully scope the request, respond quickly, and deliver reports that highlight the most relevant aspects of each reference that they cite. They always provide a quality product. Highly recommended.``

Priya Sinha Cloutier - Cloutier Arnold Jacobowitz PLLC

``The Ensemble IP team have repeatedly proven themselves to be masters of their craft. They produce an excellent, timely work product at a reasonable price. We're a high volume shop and the Ensemble IP team have been built into our workflow.``

Josh Death – TD Bank Group

``Since Clocktower specializes in representing startups we do patent searches for 100% of the patents we file. We need the results to be rock solid so we trust our patent searching, without reservation, to Ensemble IP!``

Eric J. Heels, Clocktower Law LLC